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Together, Caring for the Future

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By Richard Magnus, Chairman of Temasek Foundation Cares

Thank you for stopping by The Care Journal. Whether you are a social service organisation, a Singaporean who wishes to find out more about our programmes, or someone interested in our philanthropy work, there is something for you on our website or in this blog space. I invite you to explore, and to bookmark this page. Articles and photos will be regularly added to this collection of stories where we share our heart with Singaporeans and our readers.

2018 marks the ninth year that Temasek Foundation Cares was set up. Launched in 2009 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Temasek Holdings, our objective then and now remains the same: to care for the wider community in Singapore, and contribute to the well-being, dignity and livelihood of needy Singaporeans, families and communities in Singapore.

Since our inception, we committed $53.5 million grants in 118 programmes, directly benefitting more than 38,600 Singaporeans and touching the lives of 1.2 million households[1]. The Care Journal is our way of letting these programmes come to life. Here, you will hear the voices of our partners who are behind each programme; you will read the stories of Singaporeans who have allowed us to walk alongside them. Now and then, some of us at Temasek Foundation Cares will also share our thoughts about the philanthropic, social and health care landscape in this space.

But first, by way of introduction, let me start by sharing about the four principles that guide our programmes, which you are likely to come across often on The Care Journal.

 We care about Building People

We provide individuals and families in times of need support with dignity.

There will be situations when individuals or families fall on hard times: a sole breadwinner of the family has taken ill; a parent is facing financial difficulty due to a divorce; or, a child from a low-income family may have special needs and require more support in his learning and development.

We support these families, as well as their children, by providing opportunities for them to have a chance to succeed in life. That is why we give out bursaries and study awards to students - it is not about giving hand-outs, but giving a hand to those who need to overcome present constraints for a chance at a breakthrough in their life circumstances.

Over the years, we have supported students from schools such as Assumption Pathway School, Crest Secondary School, Northlight School Spectra Secondary School, and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) with education bursaries, study awards and academic support. I hope we have met not just their financial needs, but their aspiration to dream for the future.

Spectra Secondary School student and recipient of the Temasek Foundation Cares Education Bursary Raihana shares her dream:

 We care about Building Capability

Our programmes are designed to meet emerging and evolving community, social and civic needs. For example, as our population ages it is inevitable that there is a greater emphasis than ever before on caregiving, especially for the elderly. Our CarerSupport@Centres, Care Close to Home and Caring Assistance from Neighbours programmes are some of our efforts at supporting caregivers and providing caregivers to enable seniors to age-in-place.

Many of our programmes also incorporate components of knowledge transfer, education and training to build capacity and capability in the community, so as to engender a robust ecosystem of care for Singaporeans in need.

The Trauma Network for Children programme is an example of such capability-building of the community. Community therapists and school counsellors are trained in trauma-specific skills for children and connected together in a learning network.

 We care about Building Community

Our programmes also seek to build a sense of community across different, diverse groups of Singaporeans. One of the ways we do this is helping Singaporeans be prepared for emergencies, so that we can help ourselves, our families and also our communities when crises happen.

Emergency preparedness is not limited to large scale disasters. It is also about the day-to-day incidents we may more likely come across. In recent years we have been proactively encouraging Singaporeans to pick up lifesaving skills through raising awareness of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests and the simple training in chest compression skills and how to use the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Project eMHFA(S) (Mental Health First Aid Singapore) is another example of a systematic building up of awareness and capability in the community by training community leaders to help persons with mental health challenges.

 We care about Rebuilding Lives

For vulnerable individuals, families and communities who need second chances, our programmes offer them a helping hand so they can get back on their feet again. These may include ex-offenders, those recovering from addictions, women and children who suffered abuse or individuals recovering from mental health challenges.

An example is our partnership with Club HEAL to provide psychiatric rehabilitation and support the reintegration of persons recovering from mental health conditions into our community.

In partnership, caring for our community’s needs

Temasek Foundation Cares is committed to caring for the evolving needs of the people of Singapore. That is why we work to establish standards, programmes and platforms, and to build up voluntary welfare organisations that can serve the needs of our community, today and in the future.

I hope that, through the articles here, you can better appreciate the work of our partners that we support, and gain an understanding of our programmes that may impact you and your loved ones today.

Join us in our care journey. You can equip yourself with skills that can serve the community’s needs; refer a suitable programme to someone in need; or share your thoughts and ideas with us.

[1] As at end of Financial Year 2016/2017